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Return Policy

  • This service comes with a 30-day return policy! If you have talked to tech support and we were unable to get you reliable service you may return the router for a full refund. 

  • What can not be refunded is the first month’s DATA payment and the $45 activation! 

Router Warranty

  • Routers have a one year warranty from the date of purchase. 

  • Any damage that may occur due to electric surge, water damage, or customer abuse will not be covered under this warranty!

  • This warranty does not cover firmware/software updates that may be required 

How does our internet work?

  • We use 5G LTE cellular signal to provide wireless internet services. We send Routers with SIM cards installed and activated with one of our unlimited data plans.

  •  These routers run on cell phone towers. 

How does this compare to Satellite Internet?

  • Satellite is heavily affected by the weather and our internet is not affected.

  • Satellite internet has a very high latency, generally 500+ ms ping. Our internet typically gets between 40 to 100 ms ping. this means that you can zoom, facetime, and online game with our service. 


What Kind of speeds can I expect?

  • Every location is different for speeds even inside your house. 

  • Your speed will depend on which router you buy and local tower traffic.


Is your home or workplace in an area with little to no internet?

  • You can now connect to the web in rural areas while traveling, and in locations that are underserved by the major internet service providers. 

  • Our services can help provide internet in the majority of the US and some parts of Canada and Mexico!

Unlimited 5G LTE Broadband: How Does It Work?

  • With installed mobile broadband, you can connect your home or business to the internet using the same wireless technology as a cellphone. 

  • Enjoy high-speed WiFi in your home or business. Our routers convert 4G LTE signals into WiFi via a powerful built-in modem. 

  • With mobile broadband, you don't need an on-site technician to connect your home to the grid. Once you've plugged in your device, you will be all set. Just sit back and enjoy your unlimited internet!


  • No contract and no credit checks! You may cancel anytime


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